Laurent David Vannucci

Our process



The designer, Laurent David Vannucci, travel to find rare vintage denims and seclects them for their exceptionnal quality and their historty.



Each piece is redesigned, modernized and then carefully re-cut in our workshop in Tel Aviv, in order to provide optimal style and comfort from the first fitting.


Dead Sea Treatment

It is in the Dead Sea, in the deepest place on the planet at -430m below sea level, that each piece of denim is treated in an eco-responsible way with abrasive salt crystals. The sunlight and the satt allow the deep indigo original colour to to fade into various tones of cobalt blue, green water, turquoise.


Unique Creations

Our specific and natural technique makes each piece of Masada Jeans unique in the world. Created in the workshop in TEL AVIV, Masada Jeans are one of a kind and exist in 1 size only.

masada 8